The future of travel during the Pandemic

The future of travel during the Pandemic

The face of travel has completely changed under the global pandemic of Covid-19. With most flights at a halt, tourist places closed, and social distancing as the supreme mantra, passenger traffic is negligible. Even though many regions and countries are opening up, the travel industry remains shut at large.

Pandemic aftereffects are sure to change the way we travel in future. But that hasn’t squashed our dream to globetrot. So, is what’s the escape hatch? What to expect over the 12 months? Here are answers to some of the pressing questions.

You Might Have to Hold Back

With the lockdown and crisis, everyone wants to know when will they be able to travel again. According to the experts, we all will need to hold back our travel plans until at least September-December 2020, when the pandemic is expected to ease off. Note that there’s still no guarantee.

Quickest, Safest Option Might be Staycation

The 14-day self-quarantine may be here to stay for long. In such a case, the best option would be to plan a staycation. Complete knowledge of the native country’s COVID-policies will also ensure extra safety. Some countries like Czech may even remain off-limits for more than a year as a precaution against a second wave for coronavirus.

Hike in Travel Prices May NOT Happen Instantly

Despite the loss caused due to COVID-19 pandemic, several travel industry designers and experts have come forward with plans to avoid future hikes in rates. Most luxury hotel groups like Belmond have made bookings flexible for their guests, allowing them to cancel free of charge. Airlines, tour operators, and hotels are expected to create tempting offers to rekindle wanderlust among people. However, it’s sure that the deals won’t last and in the long term, the price will rise.

Short-Term Strangeness will Ensue

Be ready to see mid-air social distancing with the middle rows empty in the flights. Perhaps passengers, along with the staff, will also wear masks and gloves. You may be screened before departure and after arrival or even get blood tests done like on the Emirates.